Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Answer to moonsplit denial

1 The moonsplit can be seen by the whole world but there was no affirmative from e.g Chinese, European, or countries other than people of Mecca.

A Firstly when night come, do the whole world covered by darkness? Naturally a half of the earth still receiving the heat of the sun, and couldn’t find the moon as well.
B Some place which was at night also, if they saw the moonsplit, but refused to confess on the stand of their enmity to Islam. What we suppose from them beside, the people who saw the moonsplit themselves together with the Holy Prophet, still following their stoneheads, saying that the holy Prophet enchanted them

2 Moonsplit was very big occasion and positively produced great impact with collateral chain of phenomenons such as chaos of gravity, change of sea water level, climate, etc. but there were no record about them.

A The answer is correlated to point 1B, on their blindstand of deviation and transgression, they refused to note and if someone did record the incident, they destroyed the evident so that this great miracle of moonsplit was totally erased from history. And what’s wrong if there were really no such impact of moonsplit, as God can create all creatures, He also can create moonsplit phenomenon without any man made terms and without any natural effects.